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Can we be (more than) friends?
So it's a Friday night, and I'm stuck with Shiemi. Well, I shouldn't say stuck with, I did invite her after all... But now I'm sorta regretting it. Just a bit. But it's not going that bad, I guess. I don't know.
I'm laying on my stomach on my bed, flipping through a boring magazine. She's sitting next to me, looking through one as well.
Yeah, this is suuuper fun, I bet everyone else is jealous that we're having the best party of the year.
I roll my eyes and start reading an article about plants or something. We haven't really talked at all. Should I say something? Should I tell her how 'fun' this is so far? How the hell did I even get in this mess? I guess I'm just missing Paku.
"I-I've never been to a sleep-over before," Shiemi starts, in a quiet tone, "I-I'm sorry if I'm being boring.."
I roll my eyes again.
"Nah, whatever."
It's already 8 o'clock. So we've been flipping through the same magazine and sitting in the awkward silence for about 45 minutes. And we're still in our uniforms
:iconhummingbirdduck:HummingBirdDuck 5 1
Maybe I hate you less and love you a little more 5
I drove us to our little hill in the small sad excuse I would call a car. He laid on the hood of the car,  I sat on the roof of it. This is just like old times, huh?
Nny let out a small chuckle.
"This place hasn't changed much."
"Yeah, it hasn't."
We sorta just sat there, in silence, not doing or saying much of anything.
"What do you think about life, Nny..?" Where did that question come from?
"Life? Ha. I've been to Heaven and Hell, still no knowledge if it really does exsist. If life wanted me to die so bad it would have done it more than once. But the fact is I already died, so am I still dead? But what ever. I think life is stupid and meaningless, but at the same time I also like it. Those who are bastards shouldn't live, don't you agree? They make the world wallow in it's filth. It'd be a much better place without them. Life is fucked up."
I took a few minutes to let his words soak in.
"Wow,"  I said, looking up at the multi-colored sky for a bit, "You're
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Spirit Runner by HummingBirdDuck Spirit Runner :iconhummingbirdduck:HummingBirdDuck 0 0
1. Stardust
2. Power
3. Dawn
4. Waterlilies
5. Pregnancy
6. Books
7. Old
8. Circle
9. Sakura
10. Geisha
11. Nation
12. Home
13. Fear
14. Life
15. Trees
16. Fairy
17. Elf
18. Story
19. Animals
20. Emperor
21. Alice in Wonderland
22. Queen of hearts
23. Inspiration
24. Doll
25. Unicorn
26. Witch
27. Hate
28. Cry
29. Brothers and sisters
30. Parents
31. Runaway
32. Travel
33. School
34. Friendship
35. Missing you
36. Soul
37. Universe
38. War
39. Kawaii
40. Forbidden love
41. Fantasy
42. Clouds
43. Fashion
44. Plushies
45. Goodbye
46. Drawing
47. Mystery
48. Joke
49. Separate
50. Sing
51. Cooking
52. God
53. Forgiveness
54. Dangerous
55. Braveness
56. Searching
57. With or without you
58. Imagine Yesterday
59. Tomorrow
60. Dusk
61. Tonight
62. Believe
63. Why?
64. Because of you
65. Me myself and I
66. Wizard
67. Butterflies
68. Sea
69. Mermaid
70. Dearest
71. Flying
72. Fireworks
73. Trapped
74. Chasing pavements
75. Breathing
76. Snow
77. Leaves
78. Past days
79. Teenager
80. Suicide
81. Lust
82. Angry
83. Candlelight
84. Moonlight
85. Sunlight
86. Fame
87. Decora
88. Tea
89. Angel
90. Vampire
91. Centaur
92. Pity
93. Devil
94. Hurt
95. Answer
96. Fate
97. Secret garden
98. Furry
99. Luck
100. Ghost

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Hey there all. I've been gone for, well, a long while. I haven't been uploading art because I've changed accounts for some time now. I felt it was best to come back on here and make a journal about it

I moved because there are just too many bad memories on this one for me, but there are a lot of good ones too. I'm pretty sad though; I've made so many great friends. I'd love to get back in touch, however.

My new account is here;

I also moved because my art has become a lot better; more clean.

I just really wanted to start anew; start fresh.

I really hope I can still talk to you guys there ;u;


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Mary Moose Marylin
United States
Yo, my name's Mareh. How's it going?
I guess to start off with, I'm some pudgy chick that likes to write, draw, sleep a lot and eat a bunch of sweets. I have a love for BJDs and anime/manga. I love my friends and family to no end, and anyone who supports or helps me in any way gains a butt-load of respect from me. I'll be nice to you as long as you're nice as well - treat others how you want to be treated
.w. Well, bye-bye for now, then :iconaloisleleleplz:


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CoralMelon Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Teach me how to draw like you ;_; 

I love your art so so so so much, I feel so privileged to have such a great artist as my friend. <3
HummingBirdDuck Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
Oh my gosh!!! :icongianthugplz: that is seriously the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my art before. I feel horrible it took me this long to get back to you, but if you'd still like to chat I'd love to.

I moved accounts to here;
CoralMelon Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm just glad to hear from you ^_^ 
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Thank you for the fav on my 'Steampunk Hair Comb'!  :D
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